Those wishing to record their classroom lectures will do so by using Zoom. The Office of Information Technology is implementing this change to increase the stability and reliability of this important function.  

All classroom recordings will now be started by the faculty from the computer found in each classroom and recorded to the cloud. This will give faculty more control over when to start, stop, and pause their lecture recordings and make them aware that the recording is functioning properly or if the technology requires any troubleshooting. 

This new process will also significantly reduce the time for when the recording is available to view and add to the course as they will be processed by Zoom at the conclusion of each recording. Whether the recording is started from within a D2L Brightspace course (recommended) or from the Zoom application, an email notification will be sent to the meeting host when it is ready. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do I have to use the computer in the classroom to start the Zoom recording? 

Yes. To leverage the classroom technology (camera and microphones) you must use the classroom computer. If you intend to capture your presentation slides as part of your recording, you must initiate the screen share functionality.  

If you must use a laptop or other device, the workaround would be to start the meeting (and recording) on the classroom computer and then join that meeting from your laptop where you can share from that device. Note: Be sure to mute your microphone and speakers on the laptop. 

I do not want to use the classroom computer at all. Can I just use my laptop? 

If you start the recording on your laptop in a classroom, the video feed the recording will capture will be from the camera on your laptop and the audio it receives will be from the microphone on the laptop. You will not be able to capture from the camera or microphones in the room. 

Depending on your exact situation, it is a setup that may work 

What rooms can I do a Zoom lecture recording in? 

Zoom functionality is available in all classrooms in Shouse (Building 36), 1CW, and 2CW. The Zoom software is installed on all classroom computers and detailed instructions are available in each room. 

Do I need to put in a ticket to make a recording request? 

No. Faculty are now in control of when they start and end a lecture recording so there is no need to put in a ticket for these requests unless you are requesting help from IT.

How do I make recordings available to my students? 

If you create your lecture recording directly within Brightspace and then publish them when they are available, your students will be able to access them from the Zoom page in your D2L Brightspace course. 

You can also distribute or post the link Zoom emails you when the recording is ready. 

Will these recordings be subject to deletion based on the Institute’s Zoom retention policy

Yes. Zoom recordings are deleted from the Zoom cloud at the end of each semester.  

Is the Capture media server going away? 

The Capture media server will be transitioning to the Media Library in D2L Brightspace.

If I want my students to have access to these lecture recordings after the semester is over, can I still upload the videos to the Capture streaming media server? 

As the Capture streaming media server is reaching end-of-life, uploading the videos to the Media Library and making them available to your class in the D2L Brightspace content area, they will be retained in perpetuity. 

If you have any further questions not covered by this FAQ or would like to consult with someone in IT please contact us by opening a help desk ticket at