Media Library offers a media processing, storage and streaming option for all audio-video material in D2L Brightspace. The Media Library repository holds all media files uploaded using Record Audio, Record Video, Video Note and the Content tool from your course(s) in D2L Brightspace.

What you need to know...

  • The Media Library is replacing our Capture streaming media server as the place where you should upload any video content into that you want to include in your courses.

  • Any audio/video media you add to any course will automatically be stored in your Media Library

  • There is a 2GB file size limit on media uploaded to the Media Library. (It would take a very large video file to reach this limit)

  • At this time, there is no ability to prevent students from downloading a video when it is made available in Content. Classroom lectures should not be uploaded into a course if they contain a potential FERPA violation.

  • At this time, there can only be one 'owner' of a file uploaded to the Media Library and that owner will be the only person who can add the piece of media to a course. This means that other faculty in the class will not be able to see and add the media to the Content area. Ownership of the media can be transferred to others via a helpdesk ticket request.

  • Video files added to the Media Library can automatically be captioned (link this)

  • Most audio and video types are supported but .mp3 and .mp4 are the recommended types

You can access your Media Library under the More Tools dropdown in your course. (It can also be accessed anywhere within the learning environment by clicking the Gears icon toward the upper right hand corner of your screen)

Keep in mind that the Media Library is a repository that will contain all the audio and video files you have in uploaded into D2L Brightspace across all courses.

Helpful Hint: Considering utilizing a naming convention to help you find your content via a search more easily (i.e. including the course code in the title of the file if the content is course specific)

media library menu

Overview of the Media Library

  1. Click Add to upload a media file or record a webcam - The Record Webcam option allows you to use D2L Brightspace's Video Note tool to record audio or video that will be saved to the Media Library. Instructions on using Video note can be found here (link this).
  2. Filter content based upon audio-video type. More than one filter can be used. (remember to hit the magnifying glass after select a filter to 'apply' it).
  3. Search all content within the Media Library repository.
  4. Click Options (...) to:
    Preview Content
    Download content to your computer or device
    Edit video timelines, add chapters, create manual or automated captions using the editor
    Rename content and Edit Description
    Delete content

media library home page screenshot

Upload File

media library add file

Once the Upload File has been selected,  a pop-up will appear, choose the file or open a folder to select the media file. Select Open to begin uploading the file.

Select Meadia File to Upload

The file will begin uploading. Once completed the file will appear in your list of media.

File Uploaded image

Record Webcam

  1. Video and Audio recording - Select New Recording for both audio and video.
  2. Audio Only recording - The recording will start, the New Recording button will change to Stop Recording. Select Stop Recording when finished recording.

new recording   stop recording

Select the Next button.

The New Webcam Recording properties will open:

  1. Add a Title.
  2. Add a Description.
  3. Select the Audio Language for your audience.
  4. Select the "Automatically generate captions from audio" checkbox to generate captions.
  5. Select Finish.

New Webcam Recording Properties

The new webcam recording will start uploading and appear in the Media Library list when finished.

  1. Recording appears in Media Library.
  2. Upload Complete message.

New Webcam Recording Uploaded image