Clinical Instructors and Lab Instructors who do not have an email address will not be able to sign up for an MGH Institute Zoom account on their own. If you are a Clinical Instructor, a Lab Instructor, or someone who oversees Clinical/Lab Instructors, please open a ticket with the MGH Institute Helpdesk for assistance with getting Zoom accounts set up.  

For Clinical/Lab Instructors who are  Mass General Brigham employees, the IT team will work to get an email alias added to their  Mass General Brigham account. This is required on our end because the MGH Institute and  Mass General Brigham have different licensing agreements with Zoom.  

When you sign up for Zoom, it uses the email address to determine which instance you will be licensed to — addresses are associated with the MGH Institute instance of Zoom;  Mass General Brigham email addresses such and are associated with the  Mass General Brigham instance of Zoom. Clinical/Lab Instructors will need access to the MGH Institute instance to host meetings of unlimited length and use Zoom in D2L Brightspace.  

Once the email alias is created, Clinical/Lab Instructors will use that address to log in to Zoom.  

For Clinical/Lab Instructors who are not  Mass General Brigham employees, an alias will not be created. The IT team will create an MGH Institute Zoom account with the email address listed in D2L Brightspace. 

If you have any questions about this process or need further assistance, please open a ticket with the MGH Institute Helpdesk.

*Note -  The creation of this email alias does not change the  Mass General Brigham network account. It is just another secondary email address added to that account. Emails sent to this address will go to the same Inbox as other  Mass General Brigham emails.