Have you ever noticed an incorrectly keyed question or mistake in your quiz after students have already submitted?  This guide will show you how to give credit to a question for your whole class or to individual students.

From the drop-down menu next to the Quiz, select Grade.  The next three steps are done regardless of the type of credit you are giving.

grade menu

On the next screen, click on the Questions tab.

questions tab

On the Questions tab you will have two choices.

  1. Grade Individual Responses:  this will allow you to give credit to a student's individual attempt for a particular question. 
  2. Update All Attempts: allows you to give credit to the whole class for a particular question or accept more than one correct answer for a question.


Grade Individual Responses

To give credit to individual responses for a question, select Grade Individual Responses and click on the question in which you would like to give credit.  You would select this option if you were giving credit to a select number of students and not the whole class.

On the following screen you will see how each student answered each question.  If the question was answered incorrectly, you will see a red X next to their wrong answer choice.  Correct answers will display a blue arrow pointing to the correct answer.

If you would like to give credit to a student for this question, enter in the number of points in the Score field.  

Finally, click Save.

individual attempt

Update All Attempts

To allow any changes in credit to apply to all students, select Update All Attempts and click on the questions in which you would like to give credit.

update all attempts

On the next screen, there are four key areas:

  1. Question Responses area that displays answer distribution and the correct answer indicated by a blue arrow.
  2. Give to all attempts ____ points:  any point total entered here will be given to all students regardless of answer choice.
  3. Give to attempts with answer "____"____ points:  the answer choice selected will be credited the amount of points you enter here.
  4. Click Save

update options screen