Setting a Submission View


Submission Views determine what students see when viewing a completed quiz.  By default, the Submission View only shows students their score on the quiz.  However, you can set additional Submission Views that allow students to see additional information, such as correct answers or question feedback, for a set period of time. Note that Submission Views do not take effect until the quiz scores have been published.

Step 1. Within the Submission Views tab, click on Add Additional View.

Step 2. Type in a title for your Submission View in the Name text field (such as “Review quiz view”). Optionally, type in a Message that will appear within your Submission View.

Step 3. In the View Restrictions section, select the date and time that students will be able to begin reviewing their quiz submission.

Step 4.(optional) Decide if you would like to use any of the advanced settings to define the submission view. (These settings are optional and not common)

1. IP Address - If you enabled IP restrictions when students took the quiz, you can check this setting to transfer these IP restrictions to the submission view. This means that students can only access the submission view if they are connecting via an approved IP address. This can be useful if you want students to only access the quiz and submission view in a single location, such as on campus.

2. Attempt - This feature allows you to limit the submission view based on the attempt completed. For example, you may want students to just see their score on their first attempt, but see all of the questions they answered incorrectly on the second attempt. When using attempts to limit the submission view, you can also limit it based on the score achieved, setting a Min Score and Max Score range.
NOTE: You must always set up a score range when using the Attempt feature. Failure to do so will set both the Min Score and Max Score to 0, which means only students who got a 0 will be able to see the submission view.
3. Limited Duration - Check the "Limited Duration" box if you want students to only be able to access the submission view for a short period immediately after completing the quizThis box should not be used if you want to let students review at a future date (e.g., at an in-class review a week later, after all other students have submitted). See Step 7 below for instructions on setting an end date and time for your submission view.

Step 5. Select Yes under Show Questions? to make questions viewable to students.  Then decide which questions you would like to display and how you would like them displayed (SELECT ONE):

  • Show questions answered incorrectly:  displays only incorrectly answered questions and any instructor feedback provided.
  • Show questions answered correctly: displays only correctly answered questions and any instructor feedback provided 
  • Show all questions without user responses:  displays all questions without user responses or instructor feedback.
  • Show all questions with user responses:  display all questions, user responses,  and instructor feedback.

Step 6. Also decide if you would like to Show question answers (display the correct answer with each question) and/or Show question score and out of score (display points earned on that question and total points possible) and click Save


Step 7.  Create a second Additional View within the Submission Views tab and name it “Shut down view.”  Select No in the View Details section and select the date/time you want the first additional view to close to students. 

IMPORTANT:  This second additional view will “shut down” the first additional view as only the most recent submission view is the active one. This ensures that quiz questions and answers are not available past the time you plan to have it available and is particularly important if you plan to migrate the quiz to another semester.  Failure to “shut down” the first additional view will allow students in future semesters to use the view right after completing the quiz, which could facilitate cheating.  Even if you do not plan on reusing the quiz in the future, setting up a “shut down view” is a best practice that prevents future problems.



Final. When completed, a well-structured Submission View may look like this:

final submission view