You can add questions to a quiz by importing them from your question library. This page describes how to manually add questions to the library and import them into the library from a quiz. You can also import multiple choice and multiple select questions to the library from a word document (described here). 

Step 1Click Quizzes, located in the Assessments drop-down menu.

Step 2. Click Question Library.


Step 3. Add questions to the library by clicking either the New or Import button.

The New button allows you to create questions directly in the Question Library.  You can also use it to create new Sections, which can be used to organize your questions.  If you would like to create a question in a specific Section, click into the section and then create the question.

The Import button allows you pull questions from your already created quizzes into the Questions Library.  To import one or multiple questions, click into the section you would like to add them to and click the Import button.  Select Browse Existing Questions from the dropdown.

On the import screen, select your options and questions, then click Save.  
The options include:

  1. Source Collection:  A list of quizzes or surveys to add questions from
  2. Source Selection:  Select Collection Root
  3. Question List:  These are the available questions to import and will appear based on the collection source you choose.  Check the boxes corresponding to the questions you want to add.