Creating a Quiz


The Quizzes tool enables you to create and manage points-measured assessments. You can use quizzes to help evaluate users' learning progress and learning outcomes. If you would like to create a new quiz, please follow the guide below.

Creating a Quiz

From your course home page, go to the Assessments menu and select Quizzes.

 On the Manage Quizzes screen, click New Quiz.

From the Properties tab:

1. Enter in a name for your quiz in the Name field.
2. Click Add/Edit Questions to add questions to your quiz.  Visit D2L Brightspace's Creating Quiz Questions page to learn more about this.
Description/Introduction: provide a description of the quiz, which is displayed before the quiz is available to take.  You may also add an introduction, which will display at the start of the quiz.
4. Page Header/Footer: Give your a quiz a header and/or footer, which will be displayed at the top/bottom of each page of the quiz.
5. Optional Advanced Properties: choose to allow hints, disable right mouse clicks to prevent the copying of quiz questions during the quiz and disable the pager and alerts function in D2L Brightspace while students are taking the quiz.

 *Note: If not already expanded, you must click Expand in order to see options 3, 4 and 5.

Next, click on the Restrictions tab.


1. Dates and Restrictions:  Set your quiz to Active and give it a start and end date.  This will show the students there is an upcoming quiz, but they will not be able to access it until specified date range.  If a Quiz is set to Inactive, students can not see it.
2. Time Limit & Grace Period:  Enter in a time limit.  This is the amount of time students have to complete the quiz.
  Enter in a time for grace period.  This is the amount of time after the time limit has expired before the quiz will be flagged as late.
3. Late Behavior:  Select a penalty type for late submissions. You can select to have a late flag and no points deduction with Allow normal submission, set Late Limit minutes to give users a late grace period before receiving an auto-grade of 0, or select Auto-Submit Attempt to have the system automatically prompt users to submit their quiz attempt and block them from saving further progress after the specified time limit and grace period expire.

4. Special Access:  Grant particular students special access to the quiz with different settings compared to the rest of the class.  Visit the Adding Special Access guide to learn more.

5. Save the changes you made.  

Next, click on the Assessment Tab.

On this screen you can connect your quiz to a Grade Item in Grades , choose to allow automatic export to Grades, set the quiz to be automatically graded, set the number of attempts allowed and how the attempt grade will be calculated.

Next, click on the Submission Views tab. A submission view is what the students will see once they submit their quiz.  Please visit the Submission Views guide to learn more.

When you are finished, click Save and Close.