Reading the Gradebook


The "Manage Grades" screen in D2L Brightspace is designed to give you information about the grade items and categories in your course in an efficient way.  This page will walk you through each aspect of the "Manage Grades" screen and help you to, in turn, take full advantage of the information that it provides.

Grade Category/Item Names

Grade Category names have a gray background and are not indented (e.g., Quizzes and Exams).  Grade Items within categories have a white background and are indented (e.g., Quiz 1).  Grade Items can be, but are not necessarily, contained within a Grade Category. Grade Items outside of categories have a white background and are not indented (e.g., Final Paper). 

Grade Item Type

Grade Items can come in a variety of types (e.g., Numeric, Pass/Fail).  However, in most cases, all grades in your grade book will be Numeric. Grade Categories do not have types.

Grade Item Association

Assignments/Assessments can be tied to the grade book to allow scores to automatically be passed to the grade book.  If an Assignment/Assessment is tied to the grade book, the respective tool is listed in this column (e.g., Quizzes).  You can click on the information icon next to the Association to learn which specific Assignment/Assessment the item is associated with.  Items without an Association are marked with a “-”.

Maximum Points

The number of points that the Grade Item is scored out of.



For Categories and Items not in Categories, the weight value indicates the Category or Item’s percentage of the total course grade.  For example, the Quizzes and Exams Category is worth 50% of the total grade.  Similarly, the Final Paper is worth 25% of the total grade.

For Items in Categories, the weight value indicates the Item’s percentage of the Category’s weight. For example, the five quizzes within the Quizzes and Exams Category are each worth 20% of the Quizzes and Exams Category's weight.

The sum of all Categories and non-categorized grade Items must equal 100%.