Competencies represent a collection of skills and knowledge. In order to assess competencies within D2L Brightspace, you need to build them using the Competencies tool.

Step 1. From your course homepage, click on Competencies under the Assessments menu.

create competency step 1

Step 2.  From the “Competency Home” page, click the New dropdown and then click Competency.

create competency step 2

Step 3.  Fill out the “New Competency” Form.create competency step 3

  1. Name - Give the new competency a name (e.g., D2L Brightspace Mastery)
  2. Description - Describe the competency (Optional)
  3. Status - Determines whether students can be assessed on the competency and if the competency can be edited. You can the status of the competency to either:
    • Draft - Not ready to be assessed and can be edited.  If you are not done building the competency structure, you will want to keep the competency in "Draft" status.
    • In Review - Not ready to be assessed and can be edited.
    • Approved - Ready to be assessed and cannot be edited.
    • Archived - Not assessable and cannot be edited.
  4. Make competency and its children visible to users - Checking this option allows you users to be able to see this competency and its children (i.e., other competencies and learning objectives) within the Competency tool.  In general, we recommend checking this option to allow students to track their own progress.
  5. Allow re-evaluation of users who have achieved this competency - Checking this option allows for the re-evaluation of users when the competency structure is changed (e.g., a learning objective is added or removed). This means that a user who has achieved a competency could be re-evaluated and determined to have not achieved the competency.  On the other hand, if this is not checked, the competency will always be achieved once it has been achieved, regardless of the changes made to the competency.

Then click, Save or Save and New.