The Turnitin service in D2L Brightspace can be used to compare student Assignment Folder submissions to a database of previously submitted student work and websites, as well as directly markup and leave feedback on student submissions online.

Step 1. When creating or editing the Assignment folder, select the Evaluation & Feedback pane then Manage Turnitin.

turnitin setup 1

Step 2. A popup will appear. In the Turnitin popup, fill in the following settings as desired:

  1. Grademark - Enable Grademark in order to markup and make comments directly on the students' submission. More information on Grademark can be found here (Note: This must be enabled to use the Originality Checking feature).
  2. Originality Check - Enable Originality Check so that student submissions are checked for similarity to other works online. You can also decide whether students are able to see the originality reports generated, as well as whether all papers or only papers you manually select are checked. More information on Originality Checking, including how to access and view the reports, can be found here.
  3. More Options in Turnitin - Click this button to open a popup window with more options for Turnitin. The options in this window are described in Step 3 below.

turnitin setup 2

Step 3. After clicking the More Options in Turnitin button, you can decide on additional options for Turnitin:

Note: Some settings within this window are unable to be changed due to the D2L Brightspace integration. If a setting is grayed out, you can likely change it within the Assignments tool in D2L Brightspace.

  1. Submission settings - Decide whether student submissions are added to the online repository to be checked against in the future or if the paper is not added and only checked for similarity. You can also allow the submission of all file types in these settings. Turnitin will check them for similarity whenever possible, but not all file types can be checked for similarity.
  2. Compare against - Decide what student submissions will be checked against. They can be checked against other student papers in the repository, web site content, and journals/publications.
  3. Similarity Report - Decide when the Similarity Reports will be run and whether certain elements will be excluded from the report. 
    • Similarity Reports can be generated:
      • Immediately, with students unable to resubmit
      • Immediately, with students given up to 3 resubmissions. After the third submission, reports take 24 hours to generate.
      • On the due date for the assignment
    • The following elements can be excluded from the report:
      • Bibliographic materials
      • Quoted materials
      • Matches that are not of sufficient length (as determined by the instructor)

4. Additional settings - Decide whether you would like to save these settings for future assignments.

turnitin setup 3

Once you have chosen your settings, click Submit at the bottom of the pop-up window.