Adding Special Access to an Assignments Folder


Students who receive accomodations or have an excused absence may need additional time to complete an assignment and/or may need to complete the assignment on a date different from the rest of the class.  Special access allows you to change the assignment restrictions for specific students to accomplish this.

Step 1. From the Assignment Creation Folder screen, click on the Availability Dates and Conditions pane.

Assignment Folder Special Access image

The pane will expand.

Assignment Create Settings 1 image

Step 2Click the Manage Special Access button in blue.

Assignment Special Access Settings image

Step 3. The Manage Special Access window will open.

Assignment Manage Special Access window image

Step 4. Select Add Users to Special Access button.

Add Users to Special Access button image


Step 5. The Assignment Special Access Add Users pop up opens.

Assignment Special Access Add User image

1) Fill in the appropriate dates

2) Select Students that need special access

3) Save the settings