Creating an Assignment Submission Folder

Before students can upload an assignment, the instructor must create an Assignment Submission folder to hold it.  

Step 1. From your course homepage, click on Assignments under the Assessments menu.

screenshot step1
Step 2. Select New Submission Folder.  The new folder properties screen will open.

step2 screenshot

Step 3. Fill in the following information in the assignment creation window:

1. In the Name field, enter a title for your submission folder.

screenshot settings

2. Select the Score Out Of box to select from Ungraded to Choose from Grades. A popup will appear

screenshot settings

Select one of the options, select OK.

Select Due Date to create date due.

3. Type in any instructions that you have for the folder in the Instructions text box.
4.Click the Add Attachment button to attach a document or file. You may also choose to Record Audio up to 1 minute long or Record Video up to 3 minutes long.
5. Select Availability Dates and Conditions. The pane will open allowing selection of a 1. Start Date and End Date, 2. Add Release Conditions and 3. Manage Special Access (selecting this option will open in a new tab)

screenshot settings

6. Select Submission & Completion. The pane will open allowing selection of Assignment Type. Choose whether this is an Individual or Group AssignmentNote: This setting cannot be changed after students submit to the assignment.

Select the Submission type for the Assignment. There are 4 submission types:

  • File submission - Students will upload a file to the assignment folder

  • Text submission - Students complete their submission within a text box

  • On paper submission - Students submit a paper copy of the assignment. They do not need to submit anything to the assignment folder on D2L Brightspace.

  • Observed in person - Students complete a presentation or demonstrate tasks in person. They do not need to submit anything to the assignment folder on D2L Brightspace.

Define how many files can be included per submission and how many submissions students are allowed.

screenshot settings

7. Select Evaluation & Feedback.  The pane will open allowing selection of 1. Rubrics, Learning Objectives, use of Annotation Tools, and 2. Turnitin Integration

screenshot settings

Selecting 1. Rubrics dropdown carat opens a popup to Create New or Add Existing rubric. Note: Selecting Create New will open the create a new Rubrics screen.

screenshot settings

Decide whether you want to have Anonymous Marking, which will anonymize student names while you grade to prevent bias.
Annotations Tool is selected by default.
Selecting 2. Turnitin Integration opens a new popup window to allow Turnitin settings selection.

screenshot settings