Embedding Video into HTML


Within D2L Brightspace, an HTML page is created when you select Create a File.  This is a good way to provide some text, images, and/or videos all on one page.  To embed a video into an HTML page, navigate to the instructions for method you are using below:

Step 1. First navigate to the module where you would like the page to reside and click New, then Create a File

Note: If you have an existing page, select Edit HTML from the topic's drop-down menu.

Step 2. Give your file a Title and select the Insert Stuff option.

Please Note: For best results please make sure all videos files are in .mp4 format and that all audio files are in .mp3 format. If you have any questions or need any help converting your file please contact the Institute Help Desk.

D2L Brightspace Insert Stuff Icon Image   

Insert Stuff image

To insert a file you have stored on your computer...

1. Select My Computer from the menu list on the left.
2. Click Browse and select the file then click Open.
3. Click Upload.
Insert Fille My Computer image

Add Link Text & Alternative Text.
Click Insert.


To Insert a YouTube Video...

  1. Click YouTube
  2. Enter in your search in the Search YouTube field.
  3. Click Search
  4. Click once on the video you would like to insert.
  5. Click Next

Insert Stuff YouTube image  

Click Insert, found in the lower left-hand corner.

To Insert a Video using a Link...

Some videos found online will allow you to share the video by a specific URL, or link.  If your video has this option, you can use Insert Link.

  1. Click Insert Link
  2. Enter or paste in the link
  3. Click Next

   Insert Link image

Click Insert, found in the lower left-hand corner.

To Insert a Video using the Embed Code...

  1. Click Enter Embed Code
  2. Paste the embed code.  Embed code is usually going to be on the longer side, so you'll most likely be copying the code from the video site and pasting it here.
  3. Click Next.

  Insert Embed Code image

Click Insert, found in the lower left-hand corner.