Creating a Quiz


The Quizzes tool enables you to create and manage points-measured assessments. You can use quizzes to help evaluate users' learning progress and learning outcomes. The redesigned create and edit screen has the same layout as the Assignments tool. To create a new quiz, please follow the guide below.


From your course home page, go to the Assessments menu and select Quizzes.

Select Assessment tab image

On the Manage Quizzes screen, click New Quiz.

Select New Quiz image

The new quiz screen opens: (The primary panel on the left contains common, frequently used fields that are always displayed. These fields are most relevant to learners and are core to quiz creation.)

1. Enter in a name for your quiz in the Name field.
2. Enter the point value of the quiz/exam then select/create a grade book item for the quiz/exam from the drop-down carat.
3. Enter a Due Date if applicable.
4. Description: provide a description of the quiz, which is displayed before the quiz is available to take.

Create New Quiz image


The right hand panel organizes additional, more advanced options such as start and end dates, release conditions and special access. These options follow the same logical groupings as found in Assignments.

1. Select Availability Dates and Conditions
2. Set a start and end date. Set the quiz to Active (students can see the quiz but cannot access it until the start date).
3. Set any Release Conditions for the quiz/exam
4. Special Access: Grant particular students special access to the quiz with different settings compared to the rest of the class.  Visit the Adding Special Access guide to learn more. 

Availability Dates and Conditions image


Timing and Display

Timing and Display allows setting a time limit for students to take a quiz.

1. Select Timing and Display 

Select Timing and Display image
2. Select Manage Timing. Select No, Recommended or Enforced Time Limit button from the pop up screen.

Select Time Limit Option

Enter in a time for grace period if using the Enforced time Limit option.  This is the amount of time after the time limit has expired before the quiz will be flagged as late. Select OK (If students will be taking the quiz remotely it is recommended to NOT use the Enforced Time Limit as students will not be able to continue the quiz if there are internet issues.)
3. Set the paging of the questions by selecting one of the options using the drop-down carat under Paging.
4. Select Shuffle Quiz checkbox to change the question order per student taking the quiz/exam. Note that this option here only shuffles 'top-level' questions and will not shuffle questions contained within a section. If using sections, you'll want to edit the section and check the box there to shuffle questions within it
5. Set the Display options of the quiz/exam
6. Select Manage Header and Footer to enter any header/footer information.


You can allow more than one attempt on a quiz. Instructions to set the number of attempts are here.

1. Select Attempts and Completion then 
2. Select Manage Attempts to open the Attempts setting dialog

Attempts and Completions 1

3. Under Attempts allowed select the drop-down carat to increase the allowed attempts
4. Under Overall Grade Calculation select the drop-down carat to change the attempt calculation 
5. OK.

Attempts Allowed image


Quiz submission views control the ability for students to review the results of a quiz. Instructors can choose to allow students to see the questions they answered incorrectly, question feedback and if desired, the correct answers to questions.

1. Select Evaluation and Feedback 
2. Adjust any checkbox settings and select the drop-down carat to change the default Display to Learners

Evaluation and Feedback 1
3. Select Customize Quiz Results Displays to edit the default view or set up Additional View
4. Select + Additional View

Customize Quiz Results image

5.The Additional View screen opens. Fill in the information for the additional view then OK.

Customize Quiz Results Additional View image


Adding Questions to the Quiz
Step 1. Select Add Existing or Create New to begin building questions for the quiz/exam.

Select Add Existing or Create New Question image
Step 2. Under Add Existing select from the choices under the drop-down carat.

Select Add Existing under Drop-Down image
Step 3. Under Create New select the type of question offered after selecting the drop-down carat.

Select Create New Question image

Step 4. Select the question type from the pop-up. For this tutorial, we will add a True or False Question (T/F).

Select New Question Type image

Step 5. Fill out the "New True or False Question" form.  

1. Enter the "Question Text" in the box.  
2. You can insert links and a variety of media into the "Question Text" box.
3. Select the Expand four sided arrow for more options in the Text Box editor.  This is good for attaching diagrams and visual aids students may need to answer the question.
4. Select the radio button to set the correct answer
5.  Decide how many "Points" the question is worth.

6. Select Options to add feedback to the question


 7. Enter any feedback that you would like all students to receive when reviewing the quiz, regardless of their answer.
8. Save the quiz question.  Click Save to return to the quiz question screen.  Click Save and Copy to create a new question with this question's content filled in.  Click Save and New to create a completely new question.


Step 6. When you have created all of the questions for your quiz, selecting Save will return you to the Quiz Settings Page.

Create New Quiz image

Importing Questions from the Question Library

Step 1.  From the "Manage Quizzes" screen, click the drop-down next to the quiz you would like to add questions to and select Edit.

Step 2. Select 1. Add Existing then 2. Browse Question Library

Slect Browse Question Library image

Step 3. Select 1. Question Library from the "Source Collection" drop-down. Note that you can also select an already existing quiz to copy a question from one quiz to another. 2. Select question(s). 3. Select Import

Browse Questions in Library image