Deleting vs. Dismissing an Announcement


For a more streamlined Course Home page Announcement area, you can Dismiss or Delete announcements from the area.

Dismissing an Announcement will hide the announcement from you only.

Deleting an Announcement removes the Announcement from you and students completely.

One of the more common situations we see occur is when faculty copy all components of a course from a previous semester and 'dismiss' the previous semester announcements thinking they are removed for everybody when in fact students can still see those announcements.

(Exception - an Announcement with an end date that has passed and thus has an 'Expired' status is also not visible to students)

To Dismiss an Announcement from your D2L Brightspace My Home or Course Home page click the X on the right side of the announcement.

Select X on Announcement to Dismiss Announcement image

Once the X is selected, the Announcement is 'dismissed' and will disappear from the Course home page for you only.

Announcement Dismissed from Course Home page image

The Announcement will still be visible to students and others in their Announcement widget (unless they dismiss it for themselves) and is still accessible by all in the Announcements tool which is accessed under the Communications dropdown along the course navigation bar.

Dismissed Announcement in Course Announcements area image


To Delete an Announcement from your course in D2L Brightspace, select the drop-down carat beside the Announcement title and select Delete.

Select Announcement drop-down carat then Delete image

Once Delete is selected a Confirmation popup will appear.

Announcement Delete Conformation popup image

Once Yes is selected, the Announcement is permanently removed from your course. Neither you nor your students will be able to see it any longer.