Because of the limited amount of cloud storage available within Zoom and the number of recordings that are saved per semester, cloud recordings are available during the current semester only.

At the conclusion of each semester, the Zoom cloud recordings will be purged in order to avoid any space limitation issues for the upcoming semesters.  

Before starting, please review and understand the FERPA considerations as related to recorded Zoom lectures.

If you have any videos that you want to save please review the process for Downloading Your Cloud Recordings. 

If you have instructional videos you plan on reusing in future semesters, you can upload the recordings to your Media Library in D2L

If you don't plan on reusing recordings but want to allow current students to download recordings before they are deleted, see the instructions for Making Cloud Recordings Downloadable.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, or if you require any assistance, please submit a help desk ticket.