Creating Content Topics

Course Content can include Documents, Images, Audio & Video files, Lecture Capture Recordings, links to websites, and existing course activities such as Quizzes, Assignments and Discussions.  

To add content, select the Module you would like to add files to from the main Table of Contents menu on the left. Content topics must live within a module.

Click Upload/Create and a list of options will appear.

Upload Files

The Upload File option lets you browse your computer for a file or you can Drag & Drop a file right into the upload box. Click Add after the file is selected.


Additional Method to add Content

Another easy way to add content topics is to Drag & Drop files directly into your Content Modules.
Drop targets appear in blue to indicate that files can be added directly to your Table of Contents.

Files can also be dragged directly into the topic list within a module.

When you have successfully uploaded your content the file will appear at the bottom of your module. Click here for information about reordering content topics.

Create a File

After clicking Create a File you will see the editor in which you can create your content.

1. Give your content a Title.
2. The editor window allows you to Insert Media files and Images, set the font type, size and color, as well as insert tables and bullet lists.
3. Click Publish to make it available or Save as Draft if you want to keep it hidden.

Once finished your new content link will appear in the module. 
Click here for information about reordering content topics.

Create a Link

To create a link, type in a Title and a URL. 
It is recommended t
hat you select the Open as External Resource option. This will have the link open in a new Window or tab.
Click Create.

After you click Create your link will appear at the bottom of the module. Click here for information about reordering content topics.

Add Existing Activities

To link to a course activity click on Add Existing Activities and s
elect the tool you would like to link to, in this example a Group Discussion.

Select the Forum.

Since this is a Group Discussion with restricted topics we will link directly to the forum by clicking the + symbol. This way the student will only see the topic they have access to.
If this was an individual discussion, we would select the topic from the list.

Once selected, the link will be added to the bottom of the module.

For information on editing your content click here.