Intelligent Agents allow you to automate certain processes within D2L Brightspace. Some common use cases for intelligent agents are: notification when students have not completed an assignment, quiz or discussion by a due date, when students have not logged into a course in a certain number of days, or when students have not logged into D2L Brightspace in a certain number of days.

Create an Intelligent Agent

In a course click Intelligent Agents from the More Tools drop-down menu in the navigation bar.

intelligent agents menu

Select New Agent from the next screen

Select New Agent Screen image

  1. Name the Intelligent Agent.
  2. Enable the Agent.
  3. Schedule the Run Frequency of the Agent.
  4. Under Criteria select Users with specific roles.
  5. Select the activity to be notified of (selecting both Login Activity and Course Activity is allowed).
  6. Set up any Release Conditions to be notified on ( no Content viewed, Assignment submission, Quiz Submission, etc.).
  7. Save and Close

ia settings