If you previously taught a course in D2L Brightspace, you can migrate some or all of that course's components into another course using the Import/Export/Copy Components tool. 

Step 1. From within the course you would like to copy components TO (e.g., a new course you are creating), click Course Admin from the More Tools drop-down menu in the navigation bar.

screenshot step1

Step 2. Select Import/Export/Copy Components from the menu.

screenshot step2

Step 3. Select Search for offering.

screenshot step3

Step 4.  Search for and select the course you would like to copy FROM.  All of the courses you have previously taught will be available to copy from. Click the button next to the course then Add Selected.

screenshot step4

Step 5a. Choose either Copy All Components or Select Components.

If you select Copy All Components, the migration will begin. Depending on how much material you are copying over, the process could take a couple seconds or several minutes (particularly if copying large course files).

Note - This process makes a complete copy of everything in the course and while sometimes useful, it is recommended to use Select Components to ensure you copy just what you need.

screenshot step5a

Step 5b. If you chose Select Components, a list will appear where you can select the components you wish to copy over. You can choose to either copy all the items within a component or select individual items to copy from within a component.

Note - When copying items from Content, you'll want to make sure that (1) Include associated files is checked to ensure that all necessary files are imported then click (2) Continue.

screenshot step6

 Step 6. Review and Confirm the items to be copied and click Finish.

screenshot step7