Annotations in Assignments

Instructors can now annotate student work directly within the Assignments tool using the Annotation toolbar. The Annotation toolbar will appear at the top of the page when you view a submission.  Annotations allow you to markup student work and provide detailed comments online. Features of the Annotation tool include highlighting, striking through, and underlining. You can also highlight and comment on a specific portion of an online submission or draw free hand on the assignment.

Previously, instructors had to run papers through TurnItIn and use TurnItIn’s GradeMark to annotate papers online. GradeMark and TurnItIn are still available but are no longer necessary for annotation.

This feature is now available and is automatically turned on for your course.


Select the Assessments Tab

Selecting Assessments image

Select Assignments

Select Assignments image


Select the Assignment that is to be assessed

Annotation Selection 1


The Assignment Submission page will open, Select the submission to be assessed

Annotations Selection 2 image

Select the Annotation Tool

Annotations Tool image


Begin annotating using one or more of the tools available

Annotations Tool Selection image


Select Update to save the Annotations

Submission Annotation Update image