Getting Started with Zoom in D2L


First, create a Zoom account by following this link


To create a Zoom Meeting/Session in D2L, select the Communication tab in your course, then select Zoom from the drop-down menu.

Step 1 screenshot

Select "Schedule a New Meeting"

step 2 screenshot

On the "Schedule Meeting" screen, select the following parameters:

step 3 screenshot     



1. The Topic/Name of your session.

2. The Date/Time & Duration of your session. 

3. Whether the host and/or participant webcam is activated automatically upon entry.

4. The Audio options for your session. (click here for more details)

5. Any additional options for your session.

6. Click Save when finished.

















The new Meeting/Session will now appear on your Zoom Home screen list. To start the Meeting/Session select Start from the Meeting/Session that you want to launch.

screenshot step 4

The Zoom Meeting/Session will now start. If this is your first time using Zoom, the desktop application will automatically download to your computer prior to launch. 

screenshot step 5

For more information about running your Zoom sessions please visit one of the links bellow:

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