Zoom is a web-based video conferencing and messaging solution similar to Adobe Connect and Skype. The Institute has procured an enterprise license making Zoom Pro available to all Faculty, Staff and Students when they sign up with their mghihp.edu email address. Those who wish to create a Zoom Pro account may do so by going to https://mghihp.zoom.us/signup

Upon sign up you will be sent an email asking you to activate your account. Once your account is activated you will then be able to create and record sessions without limitation. For more information about setting up and running your Zoom sessions please visit one of the links bellow.

Getting Started with Zoom in D2L
Zoom Hosts, Co-Hosts, and Alternate Hosts
Creating Breakout Rooms
Pre-Assigning Students to Breakout Rooms
Tips & Tricks for Zoom
Zoom Accounts for Clinical & Lab Instructors

Audio, Video, Sharing
Save Your Recording to the Cloud
Save Your Recording Your Computer