After students complete a survey, you will want to view the results. D2L Brightspace allows you to view the results at both the aggregate and individual levels. The instructions on this page describe how to access these results. 

Note: Individual results are only available if the survey is not anonymous. If the survey is anonymous, only aggregate statistics are available. 

From your course homepage, click on Surveys under the Assessments menu.

survey menu

Click on the dropdown next to the survey whose results you would like to view. Then, select Statistics. This will open a new page.  If your survey is anonymous, skip this step.

For surveys that are not anonymous, this page will show you each student who has completed at least one survey attempt and the survey attempt(s) they completed. By clicking on the attempts, you can view the specific answers that each person gave. This is useful when using a survey to determine a student’s interest in a topic or for group preferences.  To view the responses in aggregate, click the View Overall Results button at the bottom of the page. 

This page will display a summary of the responses without identifying information from the respondents. This page is useful for seeing the overall results (i.e., the percentage of respondents who gave each response, the distribution of responses across Likert questions, etc.).   When you are done viewing the results, click the blue Close button at the bottom of the page.

survey stats