Grading a Discussion Post


The following instructions will show you how to grade individual discussion posts, one at a time, within the Discussions tool.  This can only be done if the discussion has been linked to a grade item.  If you would like to enter scores for the whole class at once, please refer to Manually Enter Grades instructions.

Entering Discussion Grades

Go to your course homepage and from the Communication drop-down menu click Discussions.


Click on the drop-down menu of the discussion you would like to grade and click Assess Topic.

Click the Topic Score link of the student you would like to grade.

On the following screen you may do the following:

  1. Enter in a score for this student's discussion post.
  2. Check the Published box have the grade automatically sent to the grade book once you finish.
  3. Leave feedback for the student.
  4. Click Save and Close.


On the final page, click Save and Close.  This will publish the scores and feedback to Grades.