Faculty and Staff have the ability to add or remove any existing user, with the exception of the Student Role.  Please note that the Student Role is reserved for those who are officially registered for the course.  Students who are not officially registered for the course should be enrolled under the Other Role.  To review the D2L Brightspace roles and permissions, click here.

Adding Existing Participants to a Course

From your course homepage, click on Classlist within the Communication drop-down menu.

classlist menu

Click the Add Participants drop-down menu and select Add existing users.

add existing users

A menu will open allowing you to begin searching for the participant you want to add to the course. Enter the participant's name in the Search For: text field.  You can enter in the participant's first or last name.  Click the Search icon.

*Note: If you cannot locate the participant you are trying to add, they may not have a D2L Brightspace account or they may already be enrolled in the course.  Review the Classlist to ensure the participant is not already in the course. If the participant is not in the Classlist and you still cannot locate them, open a help desk ticket.  

add user search

Your results will appear. 

  1. Check the checkbox (to the left of the participant's name). 
  2. Next, assign the participant a role. Click on the Select Role drop-down menu and make your selection. 
  3. Click Enroll Selected Users button.

enroll users

Confirmation of Enrollment will appear.  Click Done.

enroll users confirm

The participant(s) you enrolled will be listed in the Classlist.

Removing Existing Participants from a Course

From your course homepage, click on Classlist within the Communication drop-down menu. Check the box next to the name of the person you would like to unenroll (remember the Student Role cannot be removed).

unenroll check user

Select Unenroll.  unenroll button

A popup will appear asking to confirm the un-enroll action.

unenroll confirm

A popup stating the un-enroll was successful will appear.

unenroll confirm 2