Personal Lecture Capture - Voice-over Presentations

Utilizing D2L Brightspace Capture on your personal computer allows you to create, record, and publish voice-over presentations at your own pace. Your presentations can be a combination of media from camera, microphone, and computer sources. To use D2L Brightspace Capture you will need a microphone, and a webcam is recommended.

  1. Installation - Windows
  2. Installation - Mac
  3. Setup
  4. Recording
  5. Publishing
  6. Posting to D2L Brightspace




D2L Brightspace Capture for Windows

D2L Brightspace Capture for Mac


Installation - Windows

After obtaining one of the D2L Brightspace Capture Software installation files above, follow the prompts to install. Defaults are recommended.

Select all available components and click Next.

Select the default Destination Folder and click Next.


Installation - Mac

Drag the Capture Icon onto the Applications folder. Once it is done installing, Capture can be launched from your Applications folder in Finder.


After installation is complete launch Capture by double-clicking on the Capture icon.

 capture icon

Please note: If you are using a Mass General Brigham build computer and Capture does not launch after double-clicking the icon, please follow these instructions

Attention Mac Users: If you see a message that states "Capture cannot be downloaded because Apple cannot check it for malicious software."  please hold down the "ctrl" key  while clicking the Capture icon. This is a known issue that D2L Brightspace is currently working to resolve and will not harm your computer.

When prompted, copy and paste the following link into the Server URL screen:

In the upper right hand corner click Log In.

Select Account type: MGHIHP and click Open Login Page.

Enter your D2L Brightspace credentials, click Login and the window will close automatically.
If you see a message that says "Insufficient Credentials" please contact the Institute Help Desk.

D2L Brightspace login screen

Setup is now complete and you are ready to record your presentations.

Please Note: First time users may receive the following "Insufficient Access" error when attempting to log in to D2L Brightspace Capture. If this error appears, please notify the Office of Information Technology by opening a help desk ticket and you will be granted the appropriate permissions to publish your video. This error will not prevent you from recording your presentation however so if this error appears, click "Cancel" and proceed with the steps below to begin recording. 


After the initial set up you will be given the option to do a Webcast which is a live presentation where students can view but interact only through a chat function. For this reason we recommend using Zoom for this type of presentation.

Here we will be talking about Recording an asynchronous presentation and uploading it into your course content.

Begin by clicking the Record button.

1) Give your presentation a Title

2) Enter in the Presenter's name (optional).

3) The layout will default to “Camera and Screen”, which will record your webcam, microphone and computer screen. "Camera" will record only your webcam and microphone, and "Screen" will record your microphone and computer screen.

4) Click "Continue" to move to the preview screen.


On the following page, you will see a preview of the setup you chose on the previous screen.  

Click Start to begin recording.

It is best practice to have your presentation ready to go on your computer, and anything that you would not like to be recorded closed, as the Capture software will minimize and begin recording.

When you are finished recordings, open the Capture software again and click Stop.

On the next screen, you will have the option to ContinueRestartFinish or Review your recording. Note, if you chose to Continue, your recording will be split in two parts.

Click Finish to move on to publishing your recording.



To publish your presentation when you are finished recording, click the Publish button on the Capture software homepage.

Next, select the folder that most closely relates to your program from the Folder dropdown.

Click Publish.

When the upload is complete, click OK. Viewing in the Portal won't be necessary if you previewed your recording before publishing.

After you have uploaded successfully you can remove the presentation from the list of presentations to be published. 
Click Yes then OK to finish and return to the home screen.


Posting the Presentation Recording to Your Course

 To embed the recording video into your content, navigate to a module and select Upload/Create -> Capture.

Select Capture from list image

On the following page:

1. Search for or 2. Select the video you would like to insert.
3. Click Save.

Selecting Capture Recording image

*Note:  If you do not see your recording on the list, make sure you navigate to the next page of videos.

Select Capture recording page image

When you are finished, your Capture recording will now be posted in Content.

Capture Link in Content image