Scenario 2: Student/Guest Presentation

During the semester you might encounter the need to have students present material or have invited a guest lecturer to speak on a particular topic.  You will find that the process for presenting the material is the same but with a few extra considerations.  In this scenario we would emphasize the Pre-Planning phase, informing the speakers of what they will need to know to run a successful online session. 


Pre-Planning Considerations

Task Benefits


Let the participants know that there will be an online meeting as soon as you know.  Informing your participants will help them manage their expectations, as well as giving them ample time to prepare.



Wearing a headset with microphone, while presenting the material, will make your voice clear.  We encourage participants to use headsets, when connecting to the online session.  Using headsets will allow them to hear the audio, clearly, while eliminating many of the complications.  Review the Technical Troubleshooting page to discover even more benefits to wearing headsets during your connect session.

Participant Preparation

Send or provide information to the participants detailing the what they will need to know so that they can be successful accessing the online session.  One great way to provide this information is with a D2L News Item.  In the information you provide be sure to include this link: Adobe Connect System Check This will bring users to a website that will run through a series of tests, determining if their preferred browser is ready to run and online session.  Run the system check yourself, to determine if your browser is ready to run an Adobe Connect session. 


Running an Online Session

Task Benefits

Create the Online Room

Go through the necessary steps to create an online room.  Remember if you decide to make the room Private, you will need to invite the attendees.  Navigate to the Creating a Session to review the necessary steps in creating an online room. 

Access Room and Activate Presentation Tools

After creating the online room, join the room and activate your microphone and webcam (optional). Joining the room 15 minutes prior to the start time will give you a chance to troubleshoot any last minute technical issues. 

To review all of the tools available to you, navigate to the the Connect Session Overview page. 

Obtain Student/Guests' Presentation in Advance

Try to obtain the lecture material in advance.  You will be able to assess what the speaker will be presenting on, as well as give you ample time to review the slides in the event that you need to assist in any way.  Obtaining the presentation materials in advance will also allow you (as the room creator) to upload the documents, in advance, avoiding some potential technical issues on their end.

Best Practice: After creating the room and obtaining the presentation material, conduct a 'test run' with the guest speaker.  This will allow the speaker to resolve any technical issues or questions they have, prior to the online session.  


Post-Meeting Considerations (Optional)

Task Benefits

Record Online Session

Prior to the start of your online meeting select the Record Meeting option.  Review the documentation, found on the Recording Sessions page for step-by-step instruction on how to record an online session. 

View Recordings in D2L

Once the online session has ended, the recording is now considered to be an archive.  We recommend reviewing your sessions before sharing with participants or making the recording 'Public'.  Click the link, to review instructions on viewing recordings in D2L: View Recordings in D2L. To view the recording, simply click on the room link after selecting Archives.

Add Recording Link to Content List in D2L

You may want to make the recording available to the class for later use.  This would benefit those who were not able to attend the session or would like to review at a later date.  Review the Add Recording Link to Content List section of the Recording Sessions page for step by step instructions.