Best Practices

3 Typical Scenarios

The IHP has identified 3 of the most common scenarios for utilizing Adobe Connect:

  1. Faculty Lecture
  2. Student/Guest Presentation
  3. Group Meeting/Online Office Hours

Each scenario will be dissected into 3 sections: Pre-Planning Considerations; Creating & Running an Online Meeting; Post Meeting Considerations.  Dividing each scenario into the 3 sections will help you divide the steps, necessary to run a successful online session. 


Scenario 1

Faculty Lecture

Used primarily as information sessions, the faculty or room 'host' will present information to a class and will not need participant interaction. 

Scenario 2

Student/Guest Presentation

Used for student presentations or guest lecturers, this scenario will cover the steps necessary when various people will need to present material.


Scenario 3

Group Meeting/Online Office Hours

Meeting in a group to discuss various items?  This scenario will cover the necessary steps and considerations when using Adobe Connect for your online meeting. 

Each scenario will have a checklist so that you can ensure that you have completed all of the necessary steps to run a successful Adobe Connect session.