Recording Sessions

To record an Adobe Connect Session go to the Meeting menu and select Record Meeting.

If you decide to change the name of the recording, DO NOT REMOVE the leading numbers and dash (ex.158549-). This number is a unique identifier for your course and is necessary to retrieve the recording in D2L.

Once you click OK, you will see a message and red indicator on the top left of the meeting.

To Pause or Stop the recording click on the red indicator and then select your option.

View Recordings in D2L

Once your session has been recorded you can find the recording by going back to the Online Rooms tool and clicking the drop down next to the session name and selecting View Archives.


A list of available recordings will then appear. In order for your students to view the recordings you will need to change the Visibility to Public. 

To change this click the pencil icon and change to Public.

Add Recording Link to Content List

To add a link to your Adobe Connect recording into content navigate to the module you would like to add the link to and select Add Existing Activity -> Online Rooms.

Select the room where the recording was created.

Then select Archives.

A link to the recorded session will then appear in Content.

If you need a recording link that is accessible outside of D2L, please contact the Institute Help Desk.