Connect Session Overview

*Note: If you have never joined an Adobe Connect Session before, or if you are having trouble, please run the Adobe Connect Browser Test and install the necessary plug-ins.


1. Speaker Volume - Use this icon to enable your speakers and adjust the volume as necessary.
2. Microphone Icon - This icon is used to activate your microphone (built-in or external).
3. Webcam Icon - Use this icon to enable your webcam as well as enable webcams for other users.
4. Hands-up Menu - Participant menu that allows them to communicate with the presenter if they do not have the ability to speak directly. Options include raise hand, speak louder, slow down, etc.


Meeting - 
Options include Preferences, Audio Setup, Record Meeting, & End Session.
Layouts - Options to customize the appearance of the session.
Pods - Options to Add, Remove, Resize and Relocate Pods.
Audio - Option to “Enable Microphone Rights for Participants” (not recommended for groups of more than 4).



1. Share My Screen 
-Share your Desktop View. Option to Request/Allow Remote Control of Computer
2. Share Document - Upload a file to share with the group. File formats include PowerPoint. &, PDF’s. Microsoft Word is NOT supported.
3. Share Whiteboard - 
A whiteboard allows hosts or presenters to create text, lines, circles, squares, and other freehand drawings in real time during a meeting.
4. Recently Shared - All previously shared items are stored here for easy access to re-open.



1. Hosts - Faculty will enter the room as Hosts. This option allows for full control of the session including layout changes, attendee control and ending the session.
2. Presenters - Full sharing capability and webcam and microphone rights.
3. Participants - This option restricts the attendee to only allow for the listening, Chat and Hands-up menu. 

***Students and invited guests will enter the room as Participants. If you need a student or presenter to have the ability to use their webcam, microphone, or upload a document, they must be made a Presenter.  To do this, click and drag their name in the Attendees pod up to the Presenter area.



To enable your webcam click Start My Webcam.

Click Allow on the Adobe Flash Settings pop-up

Click Start Sharing.



To enable your microphone click the microphone icon.

Click Allow on the Adobe Flash Settings pop-up.

The microphone will remain green while active. You can mute your microphone by clicking the icon again.
Active:       Muted: