Creating a Session


Adobe Connect, known as Online Rooms in D2L, allows for synchronous online meetings with students within the D2L learning environment. Adobe Connect meeting rooms can be used for class sessions, presentations, office hours, or student group work. The instructions below will step you through creating a room that you can share with your class and/or any external users.

Creating an Adobe Connect Room

Access the Adobe Connect tool by going to the Communication drop down menu and selecting Online Rooms.

Select New Room.

General Setup

1. Provide a Room Name.
 Choose Connect as the Service Provider.
3. Under Account Name, select your department or choose Other.
4. Room Visibility:
      -Restricted View – If this option is selected you will have to manually select users that can enter the room.
      -Public Room (recommended) – Everyone enrolled in your course will have the ability to join the room. 

5. Availability **NEW  - Important** - Start and End Date/Time is now a mandatory setting. The room will only be available during the time that is defined by the start and end date/time. Once the end  date has passed, the "Join Room" option will no longer be available. As faculty, you can always edit the end date to regain access to the room.
    Advanced Properties - Not Applicable.
6. Email Notification (optional) - You can choose to have a generic email sent to your attendees with the link, description and date & time of the session.
7. Add Attendees - If the Restricted Room option was selected, attendees need to be added here. 
                                If Public Room is selected, only those that are not enrolled in the course will need to be added. You also have the option to add external attendees to the session.
                                 This includes users that are not enrolled in the course or do not have a D2L account.

When finished click Save or Save and Join to launch the session. 

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