Manually Grading Quizzes


If you chose not to set your quiz to be Automatically Graded upon completion you will need to mark the quiz attempts so that the results can be exported to the grade book (if applicable) and to make the quiz results available to the student.

Manually Grading

An easy way to determine if a quiz attempt has not been graded is to look at the Published column on the Manage Quizzes Screen. If you see a 0 or if the two numbers do not match, you will know that quiz attempts are not marked as graded.

To mark quiz attempts as graded select the drop down next to the quiz name and select Grade.

You have a choice to individually select an attempt by clicking the check box next to a quiz attempt or use the Select All check box to choose all attempts. If you use the Select All option please make sure that all attempts are on a single page. You can use the Results Per Page drop down to increase the number of attempts per page. Once selections for publishing are made select Publish Feedback

Publish Quiz Selection image         

A conformation screen will appear. Select Yes to continue

(Note: Once the conformation has been selected, students will have access to the Submission view(s) associated with the quiz.)

Conformation Screen image

All quiz attempts should now be marked as graded.