Randomizing Question Order


One feature in D2L Brightspace under Quizzes is the Randomization Checkbox. This feature allows you to randomize the question order of a new or previously built quiz very quickly.

By selecting the Shuffle questions at the quiz level checkbox in the quiz properties, the order of all questions not contained in a Section in that quiz will be randomized.

By selecting the Shuffle questions in this section checkbox when editing a Section, the order of all questions in that section will be randomized. Randomizing question order helps to maintain academic integrity on quizzes and exams.

Randomizing Questions at the Quiz level

Step 1. Select the Assessments tab


Step 2. Select Quizzes

quiz Step 1

Step 3. The Quiz list will open to the properties page

quiz step2

Select the quiz you would like to randomize

step 3

Step 4. The properties dialog box opens, Select the Shuffle questions at the quiz level

step 4

Step 5. Select the Save and Close Button


Step 6. You will receive a popup confirming the save is successful.


Step 7. To confirm that the questions are randomized, Select the quiz you randomized from your Quiz list


Step 8. The Properties Screen will open and display the list of questions with the Randomization Symbol  next to the Question number


Step 9. Save and Close


Your Quiz has been Randomized!

Randomizing Questions at the Section level

The above process also works when you want to randomize a Section of the quiz, but not the entire quiz. To do this:

Step 1. Select Add/Edit questions in the Quiz you want to work in


Step 2. Under New select Section 


Step 3. Name the Section


Step 4. Scroll down to Display Options then select Shuffle questions in this section


Step 5. Select Save


Step 6. The new Quiz section has been created and the questions within it will be randomized.