Respondus Monitor® is a companion application for LockDown Browser® that uses webcam and video technology to further increase security of online exams. Students are video and audio recorded while setting up for and during their online exams thru their device's webcam and microphone. Faculty or authorized staff will be able to review video of any student that is suspected of using unauthorized material during a Respondus Monitor® exam.

What you need to know...

  • When using this tool, we recommend setting up a one question test quiz to allow students to get comfortable with Lockdown Browser Monitor and troubleshoot any potential issues. You can make this quiz always available and give students unlimited attempts so they have as many opportunities to work out issues as they need. We recommend making this available at least a few days before the exam. Students may need to update their Lockdown Browser, so that gives them plenty of time to do so. Instructions on updating Lockdown Browser can be found on the Respondus help website.
  • Since Respondus Monitor involves video and audio recording, it is going to need a strong internet connection. Students should use the best internet connection available to them. Instruct students to use a private wired or wireless connection whenever possible and avoid public Wifi or a cellular network if they can. If using a wireless connection, sit as close to the router as possible. 
  • Any loses of connection or restarts of the Lockdown Browser system will be logged for your review. We also recommend that, if you have an enforced time limit on the exam, you set it to “Allow the student to continue working”. This will flag the quiz as late, but give you and the student flexibility should an internet issue occur. That way, a technical issue won’t shorten their time or otherwise inhibit them from finishing.
  • We highly recommend limiting Respondus Monitor use to high stakes exams such as Midterms and Finals. Respondus Monitor requires careful setup to use correctly and can cause additional stress for students. For lower stakes quizzes, we recommend using other academic integrity techniques such as randomizing the question ordercreating question pools, using a strict time limit, and designing open book/notes quizzes. 

Setting up Respondus Lockdown Browser with Respondus Monitor

To begin, click on Quizzes from the Assessment menu.

quiz menu

Then, select the LockDown Browser tab to open the Lockdown Browser dashboard. After the dashboard loads, a list of your Quizzes for this course will appear.  

quiz list

Click the drop-down menu to the left of the quiz name and select Settings.


The Settings selection window will appear. Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.

require lockdown

Then, select the Monitor settings required for this exam.

monitor settings

After enabling Respondus Monitor, the Startup Sequence options and Facial Detection options appear. Select the options required then Save and Close.

monitor settings2

Reviewing Student Exam Videos

To review the exam videos, go back to the Lockdown Browser Dashboard, select the drop-down next to the exam, and select Class Results.

video review

A list of students who have taken the exam will appear. Click the + sign next to a student's name to review their attempt and the associated video.

video review 2