Learning objectives are statements that describe a specific action a person will be able to do.  In order to assess competencies (which are not directly observable), you will need to create and associate learning objectives (which are directly observable) with the competencies in D2L Brightspace.  You will most likely want to build Learning Objectives within a competency structure.  Therefore, while you can build independent learning objectives, this tutorial guide will demonstrate how to build a learning objective as part of a competency structure.

Step 1.  From the “Competency Home” page, click on the competency you would like to build your learning objective under.  This will bring up the “Edit Competency” page.  

learn objective step 1

Step 2.  From the “Edit Competency” page, click the Structure button towards the top of the page. 

learn objective step 2

Step 3. From the “Competency Structure” page, click the Edit Structure tab. 

learn objective step 3

From this page, you can add a new or existing learning objective as a child in the hierarchy.  Alternatively, you can also add a new or existing competency as a child OR a parent in the hierarchy.  Click the New Learning Objective link to add a new learning objective to the structure.  This will open the New Learning Objective form.

learn objective step 4

Step 4. Fill out the New Child form.

  1. Name - Give the new learning objective a name (e.g., Create a quiz within D2L Brightspace).
  2. Description - Describe the learning objective (Optional).
  3. Enforced Assessment Method - Decide whether you would like to limit what types of activities are allowed to be used to assess the learning objective.  You can decide to limit the assessment to any combination of: Discussions, Assignments, Grades, Manual Assessment, Quizzes, Surveys

When you have finished filling out the form, click the Add button at the bottom of the page.  

learn objective step 5