Grading Submissions


This documentation will show you how to grade a submission within the Assignment tool that is not using the GradeMark/Markup feature.  If you would like to learn more about the GradeMark/Markup feature, please read the Markup page.

Step 1Go to your course homepage and click on Assignments from within the Assessments drop-down menu.

Step 2Click on the Assignment folder you would like to grade.

Step 3Click Evaluate to the right of the student's name to open their submission.

Step 4. Click on the file that the student submitted to read their submission.

Step 5.

1.  Once you have finished reading the student's submission, you may enter a score

2.  If you have a Rubric associated with this Assignment, click the Assess All Rubrics icon to open the Rubric.  Any score given in the Rubric will automatically be sent to the Assignment score.

3.  If you wish, you may leave feedback for the student in the Feedback area.

Click one of the following

4.  Publish:  this will send the score to the gradebook if there is an associated grade item and notify the student of their score and feedback.

5.  Save Draft:  click here if you would like to save your work and finish grading at a later date.


Step 6. Follow this link to Annotating In Assignments without TurnItIn.