ReadSpeaker is a text to speech tool for HTML pages within the content area of D2L.  As the instructor you do not have to activate anything, the tool is simply there for use.


Located at the top of the text box within the content area of any HTML page created within the Content section of D2L. An HTML page is indicated by the globe within a file icon: 

Once you click on the play button the tool will expand to show all of its functionality:

1. Pause and Stop audio buttons

2. Sound Control

3. ReadSpeaker Settings (see full list of settings below)

4. Download audio (audio from HTML pages can be downloaded as MP3 files)


Settings Option

Change some of the basic settings to suit your needs (see full list of editable settings below):


  • Text highlighting: Turn on (default); Turn off
  • Highlighting options: Word and sentence (default); Sentence only; Word only; No highlighting
  • Word color (highlight will follow voice)
  • Sentence color (sentence will be highlighted, indicating where the voice will read next)


  • Speed: Slow; Medium (default); Fast


  • Automatic scrolling: On; Off (default)
  • Pop-up button: On (default); Off