Once you record or upload a video to D2L Brightspace's Media Library, you can edit the video further with Media Library's editing tools. This allows you to trim out parts of the video you may not want to include (e.g., mistakes, the beginning and end of the recording) and/or add a Table of Contents to your video.

Trimming a video

  1. From the Media Library, find the video you would like to trim. Click the ... (ellipses) associated with the video and then select Edit from the dropdown menu.

     Select edit from the dropdown menu
  2. On the video editing screen, you will see three editing tools in the bottom right corner of the interface. Click on one of the three tools to start using them.

    Video editing interface with trimming tools highlighted
    The three tools are:
    • Seek - Use this tool to navigate to/view different parts of the video.
      An arrow pointing up for the seek tool
    • Mark - Use this tool to mark a specific time in the video (e.g., where your presentation ends, a place where you make a mistake). 
      A vertical line for the Mark tool
    • Cut - Use this tool to select a segment of the video to cut out. A segment is a section of the video between two marks.

      Pair of scissors for the Trim tool

  3. To trim out a part of the video, you will:

    1. Use the Seek tool to identify the beginning and end of the segment you want to trim out.
    2. Mark the the beginning time and end time of the segment you want to trim out.
    3. Click on the segment you want to trim with the Cut tool. The video segment will turn red. Any segments that are black or blue remain part of the video.

    Video editing interface with two part of the video trimmed out

  4. Once you are done trimming your video, click the blue Finish button in the top right corner of the page to save your work.

    The Finish button in the video editing interface