Classroom Lecture Capture

If you would like to schedule your classroom lecture to be recorded, please create a Help Desk Ticket and select "Class Recording Request" as the help topic.

We currently have recording capabilities in the following rooms:

Building 36 Building 2CW/1CW
108 220
302 230A/B
303 240
304 1CW-164-166

You will then be responsible to turn on and wear/use the microphone for that room in order to have your audio recorded. The microphone(s) can be found on or underneath the classroom podium. The class recordings are typically available to post the following day. Please be aware that recordings are not edited unless specifically requested.

Please Note: While technical breakdowns are not expected, they can happen and we’ll do our best to fix any problem. If your course absolutely requires the capture of your lecture, please be prepared with a backup plan. If you need assistance, please contact the help desk. 


Posting a Classroom Recording in D2L Brightspace

Your recording will typically be available for you to upload to D2L Brightspace the day after your recording. To embed the recorded video into your content, navigate to a module and select Upload/Create -> Capture.

post captures

On the following page:

1. Select the video you would like to insert.
2. Click Save.

select capture save

*Note:  If you do not see your recording on the list, make sure you navigate to the next page of videos.


When you are finished, your Capture recording will now be posted in Content.

posted video