Captioning Audio-Video Files


Captions in Audio-Video files allow access to these file types by almost all persons. Captioning Audio-Video files can be done automatically in D2L Brightspace. To start the captioning process please follow the steps below.

Enter a course in D2L Brightspace, select the More Tools tab then Media Library.


The Media Library repository opens

Media Library Repository Opens image

Select Options (...) on the Audio-video file to caption. From the Menu select Edit.

Select Options, Three Dots then Edit image

The file's edit screen opens. Select the Closed Captions tab.

select cc

Select Auto-Generate.

autogenerate cc

The Auto Generate Captions pop-appears, select the Auto-Generate button.

Auto Generate Captions

Once the captioning has completed, they will appear in the window under Auto-Generate.

process cc

  1. Inside the generated captions allows editing the caption text.
  2. Selecting the Trash Can will delete the saved caption box.
  3. Selecting the Play button will expand the box and show the caption length/timing.

options cc

Select the Finish or Optimize for Streaming button to save any changes.

Once the process is finished Saved will appear in green with a date and time beside it.

finished cc