Adding Questions to Your Quiz


You will need to add questions to your quiz.  There are a variety of questions types to choose from in D2L, and adding them involves either importing them from the question library or creating them within the Quizzes tool.  This page describes how to create questions within the Quizzes tool.

Step 1.  From the "Manage Quizzes" screen, click the dropdown next to the quiz you would like to add questions to and select Edit.

Step 2. Click the Add/Edit Questions button under the "Quiz Questions" heading.

Step 3.  Click the blue "New" button directly underneath the quiz title.  Then, select the type of questions you would like to add.  For this tutorial, we will add a True or False Question (T/F).

Step 4.  Fill out the "New True or False Question" form.  

1. In the "Title" field, give the question a title.  This optional, but will help you stay organized when moving/rearranging questions.
2. Decide how many "Points" the question is worth. 
3. Give the item a "Difficulty" value on a scale from 1 to 5.
4. Enter the "Question Text" in the box.  You can insert links and a variety of media into the "Question Text" box.
5. Add an image to the question.  This is good for attaching diagrams and visual aids students made need to answer the question.

6. Enter the weight for each possible answer.  The weight dictates the percentage of points a student who gives that answer will receive (e.g., 100% will give students full points for the question).  At least one option must be weighted "100%".
7. Enter any feedback that you would like students who give this answer to receive when reviewing the quiz.

8. Enter any feedback that you would like all students to receive when reviewing the quiz, regardless of their answer.
9. Save the quiz question.  Click Save to return to the quiz question screen.  Click Save and Copy to create a new question with this question's content filled in.  Click Save and New to create a completely new question.

Step 5. When you have created all of the questions for your quiz, click the blue Done Editing Questions button to return to the "Edit Quiz" page.