Creating Group Discussions

Once you have created your Groups you can easily have the system create topics that will be automatically restricted to those groups.

To create restricted topics you must first create a forum. For more information about creating forums click here.

After the forum is created click the Group and Section Restrictions link at the top of the Discussions page.

Click the Automatically create restricted topics link.

Select the Group Category and Forum and click Create.  You can also create a new Forum by clicking the New Forum link.

You will then see the status of your Forum. On this screen you can allow access or remove restrictions just by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes.
The example below shows a Forum named Week 1 Discussion that has 3 topics restricted to each group within a group category called Discussion Groups.

Click Save.

Your Discussion board should now look like the following.

For information about linking to Group Discussions in Content, click here.