Setting up Originality Checking


Originality Checking in D2L uses the TurnItIn service to compare student Assignment Folder submissions to a database of previously submitted student work and websites.

Setting up Originality Checking

On your Assignment Submission Folder properties screen, select the box under OriginalityCheck titled Enable for this folder.

Optional:  Scroll to the bottom of the page under OriginalityCheck Options and click on Show Advanced Originality Checking OptionsThe options are hidden and will expand once this is clicked on.

1.  Display: you can choose if and when students can see the Originality Report.

2.  Frequency: you can select if all submissions are checked or if you would like to select individual files to be checked.

3.  Check submissions against:  this setting lets you decide what student submissions will be checked against. 

4.  Once you have chosen your settings, click Save and Close/Save.