Creating an Assignment Submission Folder


Before students can upload an assignment, the instructor must create an Assignment Submission folder to hold it. 

Step 1. From your course homepage, click on Assignments under the Assessments menu.

Step 2. Select New Submission Folder.  The new folder properties screen will open.

Step 3. Fill in the following information in the properties tab:

1. In the Name field, enter a title for your submission folder.
2. Enable Originality Checking for the folder. This will also enable the Markup Function.
3. Choose whether this is a Group or Individual folder. Note: This setting cannot be changed after the assignment is created.
4. If you would like to organize your folders into Categories, you may do so here.
5. Select a Grade Item if you like to have the grade automatically go to the gradebook.
6. Set how many points the assignment is worth.
7. If you have created a rubric that you would like to use to score this assignment, click the Add Rubric button to select it.
8. Type in any instructions that you have for the folder in the Instructions text box.
9. Click the Add a File button to attach a document or file. You may also choose to Record Audio up to 1 minute long.
10. Define how many submissions students are allowed and how many files can be submitted.


Step 4. If you selected to enable OriginalityCheck, an "OriginalityCheck Options" section will appear at the bottom of the Assignment properties screen.

1. Here you can choose if and when students can view the Originality Report.
2. This setting lets you decide what the student submission will be checked against. Defaults recommended.

Step 5. Under the Restrictions tab, you can define a Start Date, a Due Date, and an End Date for the assignment. You can also Attach Release Conditions and Allow Special Access to users.

  • Due Date - Students have until this date and time to submit their assignment normally. After that date and time, students can continue to upload submissions to the Assignment folder, but those submissions will be flagged as late, allowing you to assess a penalty if you choose.
  • End Date - After this date and time, participants are no longer able to upload submissions to the Assignment folder.

When you finish modifying the settings of the Assignment folder, click Save and Close.