Randomizing Quiz Questions


D2L allows for faculty to create quiz sections that randomly order the questions for each student and pull a certain number of questions from the Question Library.  These questions must be pulled from the Question Library or another Quiz in the course.  New quiz questions that need to be randomized CAN NOT be created within the random section itself.

Also, since questions are being randomly selected from the Question Library, all questions will be assigned the same point value.

Click Play on the video below for step-by-step instructions.

Create Random Section

In the Assessments drop-down menu, click Quizzes.

Click on the name of the quiz you wish to add a random section to.  On the following screen click the Add/Edit Questions button on the Properties tab.

On the Add/Edit Questions screen, choose Random Section from the New drop-down menu.

Type in a name for the new random section in the Section Name text field.  Click Save, which will take you back to the Add/Edit Questions screen.

Moving Questions Into the Random Section

Click on the title of the newly created section.

Click the Import button.

Select the Source Section, then choose the questions you wish to have randomized.  Choosing Collection Root will bring up all available questions.

Double check that you are within the random section by looking in the left viewing pane.  The random section you created should be highlighted.

Once finished, click Save.


Assign Questions and Points

  1. Under Questions per attempt: choose the number of questions that will be pulled from the question pool for each quiz. For example, if you imported 30 questions into the random section, but only want 20 of them on each quiz, you would enter 20 here. Enter the number of Points each question is worth.  Remember that since the questions are random, all questions will have the same point value.
  2. Click Save

Click on Done Editing Questions.

Click Save and Close