Documents (PDF's, Excel, Word and Power Point Presentations) are now accessible via Doc Reader, a text to speech tool available in the content section of your course. 


The video below details what docReader is and how it can be used in your course. 

How To

In the Content area of D2L select one of the supported docReader documents. 

Underneath the document you will find the docReader button

Once docReader has been selected the document will appear within the docReader window:

The docReader view allows you to do the following:

Navigate to specific pages within the document

1. Listen - docReader will highlight lines of text and read along with the highlighted portions. 

    Stop - Stop the text to speech function.

    Pause - Pause the text to speech function but maintain where you left off in the document.

2. Layout Mode - Maintain orginal formatting of document.

    Text Mode - Remove formatting to just display text. 

3. Settings: Control basic flow and appearance of docReader using the settings seen below;

4. Save the document to your desktop.

5. Help - Navigate to the docReader website and discover even more functionality.