The Daylight Experience

D2L has been updated to incorporate the Daylight Experience.  The Daylight Experience is a visual redesign that makes D2L cleaner, more accessible, and more responsive across a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  This redesign will make D2L easier to use and give you more flexibility as to when, where, and how you access your courses.  The update will not modify any of your course content or settings. The video below provides a brief overview of the update to Brightspace, the official name for D2L.


  • Responsive web design that allow students, faculty, and staff to access their courses from any device
  • Wider page layout to help students focus on content
  • New fonts, new icons, and new color palette to help maintain a consistent experience
  • A new, tile-based My Courses widget.  Each course now has a customizable image associated with it.  You can select an image from the image library or upload your own.

My Courses Widget

Besides the visual redesign, the most notable difference in the Daylight Experience is the new My Courses widget.  The new My Courses widget uses tile-based images to make finding your courses easier than before.  D2L will automatically attempt to display the courses most important to you in this widget.  However, you can also manually the pin and unpin courses so that you have control over the courses shown to you on the D2L homepage.  

For more information on using the My Courses widget, click here.

Fort more information on changing your course image, click here


Name Changes

The Daylight Experience will not modify your course content or setting.  However, two tools have been renamed in order to more accurately reflect their functions. 

  • "Dropbox" is now "Assignments"
  • "News" is now "Announcements"

The functionality of these tools will remain the same as they were before the update.


If you have any questions about the Daylight Experience, please open a helpdesk ticket