Embed a YouTube Video


YouTube has a wealth of videos that can enhance students’ learning, and instructors conducting online lectures through Adobe Connect can make use of this valuable resource.  However, simply playing a YouTube video on a shared desktop screen will not output the video's audio to the audience.   Instead, instructors should show YouTube videos to their audience through the Adobe Connect YouTube player.  

Step 1.  Click the “Share My Screen” dropdown menu and select “Share Document” in this menu.

Step 2.  Click “Shared Content” on the left side of the menu (A), click on the YouTube custom pod (B), and then click “OK” (C).

Step 3.  Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for the desired video (A).  Once you find the video, click the “Play” button underneath it to play the video for the audience (B).

Note: The audience will not be able to see this search process.  They will only see the video once it is played.